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Personalized Engraved Shiny Silver Metal Finish Dual Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

Custom Design your double yet torch lighter with any text you desire!

In order to comply with shipping regulations, this lighter will ship EMPTY WITH NO BUTANE FUEL OR LIGHTER FLUID. This torch lighter is Butane Refillable.

This custom lighter is perfect for father’s day or groomsmen but is also great to give as a gift to a mother, grandmother, father, grandfather, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, or friends

Great gift for Father’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Gatherings, Valentine’s, Christmas, Baby Shower, Graduation, Mother’s Day, Friendship, Wedding Events, Business, Thanksgiving, Halloween, parties etc

This Torch lighter is 7cm in length, 3.5cm in width and 1.5cm in total thickness.

Item weight is 58g

Please let us known if you have any questions

Custom Engraved Jet Lighter, Shiny Silver Metal Finish Double Torch Cigar, Groom

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