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Custom metal backscratcher with extender to reach any back. This personalized scratcher can be engraved with names, phrases or emojis and can be clipped on your pocket!

Engrave this backscratcher and gift to a loved one like mother, grandmother, father, grandfather, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, or friends

Great gift for Birthday, Valentine’s, Christmas, Baby Shower, Graduation, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Wedding Events, Business, etc

Write anything you want or choose from some popular engravings such as

I got your back!

We got your back!

Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

You're the scratch to my itch

The custom scratcher can extend to a maximum length of 19.5 inches and and retract to a length of 6inches.

Custom Metal Back Scratcher, Personalized Extendable Backscratcher, Engraved Bac

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